The Collection

The journey an artist takes is long and yes, sometimes perilous. You have to take risks and chances and see where your inspiration takes you. I have been painting since the age of 12 and started my art career at 26. Here I will share with you my journey.  In some ways, an artists work is like an open diary, it is a glimpse into his mind, his soul, and his heart.

*Disclaimer: I take copying very seriously. You are stealing another artist’s work. This page is intended to share my history with my patrons and all lovers of art. If you think you can become a serious artist by copying other artists and not mastering the necessary skills and by not being creative enough to create your own style then you are a sham. Get a mentor, take the appropriate classes, be patient and carefully learn your medium’s technique but DON’T copy my work and call it your own. It’s not.

The Softly and Calmly Series (2000-2004)

Here I wanted to explore a calmer and more minimalist style in Traditional Eastern Art. I used traditional subjects such as Butterflies, flowers, and birds but painted them on silk with more muted softer colors. I also experimented with going beyond the confined space of the silk and extended to the matted border. By isolating the flowers, butterflies and birds, I was able to give them more personality and attention.

Black Butterfly and Calla Lily, water color on silk

Blue Bird Playing on Lotus. water color on silk

Black Butterfly and Iris, water color on silk

Monarch Butterfly with a Painted Border

The Vibrant Sprint Series (1990-2000)

At this period, I feel confident enough to take on the flower that was my Master’s trademark, the Peony. The Peony is native to China and is a National Emblem. It is known as the “flower of riches and honor.”  I painted these beautiful flowers in rich saturated colors and outlined them with 14k gold paint. This is an homage to the decadent paintings created thousands of years ago for Chinese royalty to symbolize wealth, prosperity and luck.

Red and Blue Peonies with Hummingbird

Peony on layered gold leaf paper. Here I combine styles of multiple series to create a truly decadent piece.

Blue and Red Peonies on silk

Peonies with Hummingbirds on silk


Contemporary Minimalist Series (2000-2005)

I don’t always stick to one style at a time. I’ll explore several styles at once and you can see where they connect. This series was painted at the same time as my ‘Softly and Calmly’ series. Both are minimalist and use a more muted palette. In this series I moved away from realism by enlarging the flowers in my paintings  and added Chinese Calligraphy in the backgrounds. I framed this series in simple thing wood frames stained in natural colors to blend them with the paintings.

Orchid and Calligraphy, I usually don't paint Orchids but here I wanted to display their sensuous and powerful nature

Moonlight and Calligraphy, in background I scribed a traditional Chinese poem