Johnny Lung is a 3rd generation Master Chinese Painter. He was born in 1949 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Johnny Lung began painting at the tender age of 12. At first he was deterred by his parents who wished he would pursue more practical interests but his innate urge to paint could not be deterred so instead they found him a Master Painter to apprentice.

Johnny’s Master was Chung-Lin Yu. Chung-Lin Yu was the most well renown Painter in Taiwan during that period. He was known as the “Master of the Peonies.”  The Peony is a traditional symbol of Chinese culture representing prosperity. Johnny practiced for hours using the traditional animal hair calligraphy brush, painting on silk and paper.

At the age of 26, Johnny became a professional Chinese Painter. In 1975 he immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and debuted at the Three Rivers Art Festival. Johnny has been travelling around the country ever since showcasing his blend of centuries-old painting technique with his own evolution of style. Past series of Johnny’s style include detailed mat cutouts and paintings on gold-leaf paper. Johnny has collected numerous awards along the way and is now considered a Master Chinese Painter himself.

Johnny continues the survival of the painstaking technique of Chinese Fine painting that represents the elegance and beauty of Asian art.

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